Texas’ Wrongful Death Laws vs. Other States

Texas’ Wrongful Death Laws vs. Other States

Texas Personal Injury Lawyers » Texas’ Wrongful Death Laws vs. The other States

How do Texas’ Wrongful Death Laws Match-up to those of the Rest of the United States?

If a loved one has passed away as a result of the negligence of another you may have a claim in a wrongful death cause of action. All family members are not able to recover. Generally one must be a parent, child, or spouse of the deceased in order to recover wrongful death damages. Texas has a wrongful death recovery method that mirrors many other states but does have some differences. If you have had a loved one die as a result of the negligence of another you will need to hire an attorney who can assert your rights. The attorneys at Our Law Offices have extensive skill and experience in the practice of personal injury law. We have a well-earned reputation for getting the results that our clients deserve.personal injury - wrongful death

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Claim?

In Texas, a wrongful death cause of action can be brought by the family members of the deceased. The family members who generally are able to recover for the wrongful death of one of their family members are generally the parents, children, and spouses of the deceased. Some states only permit the executor of the deceased’s estate to bring a wrongful death claim on behalf of the family. The family members and other individuals named in the will do not have the right to veto a settlement agreement, although the court is required to approve any settlement agreement. Find more information here @ https://www.carabinshaw.com/midland-wrongful-death.html

Who Can Receive Benefits?

In Texas, damages that are awarded from wrongful death claims are given to the party who brought the claim. In some states, damages that may be recovered from the death of your family member will go directly to the estate of the deceased and all the deceased’s bills and expenses must be paid first before any distribution can be made. Texas has no such requirement.

When Must a Claim be Made By?

The statute of limitations to bring a wrongful death claim in Texas is two years. Some states have various other statutes of limitations deadlines. While most states have two year limitation period, some have been known to have three and four year limitation periods.

What Recovery is Available?

There are multiple recovery claims in a wrongful death cause of action. Medical costs, loss of earning capacity, funeral costs, loss of consortium, and mental anguish among other forms of recovery is available to the families of the deceased.

While the recovery of damages will never fully compensate you for your loss, it will help you have some level of financial security in a financially uncertain time. Don’t let insurance companies and negligent parties step on your rights; you deserve to recover for all your loss. The attorneys at Our Law Offices have helped thousands of clients just like you recover the damages they deserved as a result of their injuries, we can help you too. Call to schedule your free consultation and discuss the merits of your case. Click on this link to find more information @ https://fordandlaurel.com

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